In the early 1960’s, Dr. Robert Wichmann obtained his D.V.M. and Ph.D. from the University at California Davis. Instead of going into the small animal field, his interests were geared more towards microbiology and finding new ways to develop and produce vaccines for farm or feed animals. Poultry Health Laboratories was born and Wichmann soon established the first Newcastle Disease vaccine and later the first ParvoVirus vaccine for dogs that led the way for further generations of vaccine producers to follow. His patented tissue culture technique method is still in use today. With Poultry Health Laboratories, which was to become PHL, Associates, Inc., he produced a variety of products for food animals, many of which are still in production. With his associate and later to become his wife and life-long partner, Arlene, they continued to produce products for everything from chickens to cattle. In 1987, Arlene and Dr. Wichmann decided to turn the reins over to their son Jeff,  and the company lives on today. Arlene and Robert Wichmann, true pioneers in every sense of the word. THEIR efforts, their innovation and ingenuity continue to bear their names in the products and techniques they developed and that are still in use today. Dr. Wichmann died in August of 2017 after living in Davis, California most of his life. Arlene Wichmann passed away in 2009.