Education and experience are the keys to success. PHL employs veterinarians, PhD’s, and University of California at Davis graduates from a variety of scientific backgrounds. Over 80% of the staff have been with the company for more than 7 years, and almost 40% have worked for PHL for over 15 years. The results speak for themselves. Consistency is combined with unsurpassed knowledge of our products, the biologics industry, quality assurance and the regulatory environment governing vaccine production. Yet with all this expertise, PHL continues to learn and continues to improve. We are better than we have ever been.

About PHL Associates

PHL has been manufacturing and supplying vaccines for the animal health industry since 1960. Over the past several years, the company has quietly and successfully transitioned and reconfigured itself as a pre-eminent worldwide contract manufacturer. Now, with our facilities meeting the highest quality requirements, with state-of-the-art equipment and decades of vaccine experience, we have cultured our relationship with some of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the U.S. and have launched our products worldwide. Not only does the good old USA rely on our ability to supply clean, safe and efficacious products, so do multiple international communities including North America, Central America and most South American countries. You’ll see PHL labels in Russia, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Israel, Lebanon, Thailand and United Arab Emirates. Our quality speaks several languages.

During our reformation, PHL facilitated our relationship with Upjohn, Pharmacia, Pfizer and now the new leading animal health corporation – Zoetis. Also during this time, the State of California disbanded their biologics licensing program and all state products shifted to the United States Department of Agriculture’s Center for Veterinary Biologics. As a result, some of our oldest licensed products are now undergoing a revitalization as we bring the technology and quality standards for those products into the 21st century.

Our production is now centered on high quality and high volume sales, but because of our continued support of the veterinarians and associations that have been our loyal customers over the past 58 years, we will continue to provide our smaller product line as part of our ongoing commitment to California.

Of course, our Autogenous Bacterins continue to be offered as well.

If you have questions about our products, please send an email to Alternatively, you can leave a message at our corporate headquarters at 530-753-5881.


Due to our unparalleled success, PHL has started a philanthropic program to help the plight of those in our community who are less fortunate, and to further support those in the scientific community with similar goals. PHL currently acts as a benefactor for the following organizations and encourages your support:

CASA Sacramento – a nonprofit organization that serves children in Sacramento County

Loaves and Fishes – feeding the hungry, sheltering the homeless

Global HealthShare Initiative – increasing global economic citizenship, one healthy village at a time

Doctors Without Borders-our recognition of the needs of people around the world

The Nature Conservancy-helping to insure a healthier earth through the careful nurturing of our environment